Reflections on MORE THAN 10 years of Social Media

About Me

Welcome to my website. I’m a 71-year-old, retired mechanical engineer by name of Will @viewsightandmind on Instagram, and am founder/curator of the following four feature hubs on Instagram:

I started life on Social Media with Twitter. It helped me communicate and cope during recovery from cancer in 2008. In those days, I used the tag of @cancermatters and I’m now looking forward to share reflections of more than 10 years on Social Media in my forthcoming blogs.

Social Media has evolved rapidly to the situation today where businesses are using its presence on the Internet as one huge marketing opportunity. Instagram is no exception to this. It has changed significantly with rebranding of participants on the platform from what we used to know as “artist” and “photographer” to names of “creative” and “influencer” reflecting a steady expansion of online advertising business. This has disenfranchised many of Instagram’s long running users and regrettably current algorithms have aggravated the situation for traditionalists.

This blog will be reminiscent of the old days before the joys encountered by my many friends, mainly amateur photography enthusiasts using the IG platform get forgotten! If you wish to be informed when new posts are published, please use the following Optin Form.